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  Center for Research in Econometric Theory and Applications (CRETA) was established in March, 2009. Professor Chungming Kuan, NTU Chair Professor, is the founder and the Director of CRETA. Keng-Yu Ho, Professor of Finance at NTU, joined CRETA in November,2010 as the vice director. To enhance the econometrics foundation and training of local top scholars, CRETA will support the excellent research projects and recruit oustanding researchers on regular basis. By September, 2009, Prof. Wen-I Chuang, Keng-Yu Ho, Pai-Ta Shih, Yu-Ren Tzeng, and Yaw-Huei Wang have been affiliated research fellow of CRETA.

About members

Job Title Name Email Address
Director Chung-Ming Kuan ckuan@ntu.edu.tw
Vice Director Keng-Yu Ho kengyuho@management.ntu.edu.tw
Vice Director Yi-Ting Chen ytchen.ntu@gmail.com
計畫研究專員 Min-Hui Hsu minhuihsu@ntu.edu.tw
計畫研究專員 Yi-Ting Yeh yitingyeh@ntu.edu.tw
計畫研究專員 Ju-Ting Fan jutingfan@ntu.edu.tw